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This statue was part of the exhibition in the Patan Museum: "The Revival of Newari Woodcarving, 2024".

Length: 96 cm / Width: 68 cm / Depth: 16 cm

This superb piece on Magnolia Champaca represents the Wheel of Life.

The “bhavachakra” (from the Sanskrit “bhava” for existence and “chakra” for wheel) is a figurative representation of the samsara (endless circle of birth, death and rebirth). It is almost always present on the exterior walls of Nepalese and Tibetan monasteries to illustrate the samsara and the ultimate Buddhist objective: to free oneself from the samsara and its inevitable share of suffering and to reach nirvana. According to legend, it was Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha himself, who was at the origin of this didactic representation of Buddhist principles, which aimed to educate laymen and women entering monasteries. Show More