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Length: 83 cm / Width: 66 cm / Depth: 25 cm

This relief is a pure masterpiece of woodcarving, with its finely balanced features of boddhisattvas and deities.

Ratnasambhava (which in Sanskrit means 'born from the Jewel') is one of the Five Dhyanis Buddhas.  He represents the qualities of compassionate generosity, beauty, and creativity, and is used in meditation to annihilate greed and pride. His vehicles are horses and lions. The horses who carry the throne of Ratnasambhava symbolise the necessary efforts for reaching wisdom.

The position of his open hand represents the mudra of giving and generosity. Ratnasambhava is associated with the jewel, the element of earth and the cardinal direction of the south.

Just below the central figure of Ratnasambhava seats a Boddhisattva holding a garland of offering.

At the left and right corners of the carving’s base stand two “betala” holding the “dharma”.

Just above are two Asthama Bodhisattvas practicing the dharma.

Lokeshwor, Buddha of Compassion, is represented standing on both sides.

Just above Lokeshwor are six of the remaining Asthama Boddhisattvas.

On the top left of the relief is Maha Manjushree while Khadcheri Lokeshwor stands on the opposite, at the right.

At the centre on the top stands an apsara holding a chaitya (or shrine), surrounded by two mahasidha.