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This statue was part of the exhibition in the Patan Museum: "The Revival of Newari Woodcarving, 2024".

Length: 31 cm / Width: 18 cm / Depth:  12 cm

This statue of Garuda is a copy of the large statue in front of the famous Changu Narayan Temple of the Kathmandu Valley, considered as one of the finest Garuda's statue in Nepal.

Half bird and half man, Garuda is the vehicle of the god Vishnu and his devotee. He is kneeling, joining his hands in the "Namaskar" position in front of the temple of Changu Narayan (another name of the god Vishnu). In Buddhism, some versions perceive the god Vishnu as an emanation of Buddha himself.

Around his neck are the Nagas (snakes). According to a legend, the mother of Garuda had been enslaved by the Nagas, who agreed to release her in exchange of the elixir of eternal life. Garuda managed to bring back the elixir with him and met Vishnu, who, impressed by his courage, granted him eternal life and made him his vehicle. On the way back, Indra, the king of heaven stopped him and took back the elixir for the gods. The Nagas, who did not believe Garuda’s version, started an endless fight with him, which resulted in drought (Garuda’s is a detiy associated with the Sun and the Nagas are associated with the rains).  To prevent the drought and human suffering,  Avalokiteshwara, the Boddhisattva of Compassion, intervened to bring peace between the Nagas and Garuda, which is symbolized on the statues by the Nagas wrapped around Garuda’s neck.