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Buddhist goddess of prosperity, Basundhara (or Vasudhara, whose name means “Bearer of Treasure”) is associated with material and spiritual abundance. In the Newari community, she is most frequently represented with six-armed instead of two.

She is closely connected with the rice cultivation of the fertile Kathmandu valley and worshipped for plentiful harvest. Rice has always been essential for the Newars, especially for sustaining the Himalayan trade between Nepal, Tibet and India.  In temple and family shrines, Bashundhara is therefore one of the most popular deities worshipped for succeeding in business.

Basundhara is sitting in the posture of royal ease with a bejewelled crown on her head. Her left foot is extended, showing her willingness to step in the realms to help all the beings in need.

Her upper rights hand holds rosary beads for meditation and prayer. Just below, the other hand holds the “three jewels”.

Her upper left hand holds the Sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom (Prajnaparamita).  Below, her center left hand holds a sheath of rice that symbolizes wealth.

Her lower hand holds a treasure vase (abundance). Her right lower hand displays the gesture of bountiful giving ("varada mudra").